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Tools & Maintenance

Tools And Other Spares For Maintaining, Repairing Or Modifying Your Home Brewing Equipment

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Steel Punch For Making Holes For Airlock Grommets     Suitable For Punching Plastic Bucket Lids Or Other Plastic Caps     This Is The Co..
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Hole Cutting Bit - 26mm - 1 inch, The Correct Size For The Common Home Brew Plastic Taps With Backnuts     Ideal For Converting Any Bucket Or O..
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Plastic Cap Spanner For 4 Inch Barrel Caps
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Makes Tightening And Loosening Pressure Barrel Caps Easy.     Fits 4" Caps Including King Keg Top And Bottom Tap Kegs   Tony's Tips Ever t..
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Stock: 20
Repair Or Recondition The Schrader Valve Test Point On Your Balliihoo 4" Barrel Cap   Comprised Of 2 x Threaded Valve Inners and  a Small S..
Ex Tax:£1.69
Stock: 5
  Pack Of 3 Rubber Seals To Fit Syphon Bottle Filler Pushes Onto The Curved End Of Each Filling Spout Tony's Tips The latest "Packet o..
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Stock: 20
Replacement Pressure Relief Rubber For 2 Inch Vent Cap (Pack Of 3)     Fits Over The Plastic Lug In The Centre Of The Cap Covering The V..
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Stock: 4
Replacements Seal For 4.5Litre And 23Litre Auto syphon.   Please Note These Replacement Seals Only Fit Enolandia Auto Syphons, So Please Check I..
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Stock: 20
These Handy Four Pronged Pliers Evenly Stretch Circluar Rubbers - Making The Fitting Of Replacement Of S30 Valve Seals Quick and Easy -Without Damagin..
Ex Tax:£9.19
Stock: 20
Pack Of 2 Flat Washers For Sealing S30 Valves To Caps.   Suitable For Both The Genuine Stainless Steel S30 Valves As Well As The Brass S30 ..
Ex Tax:£1.40
Stock: 12
"C" Spanner / Wrench For Removing, Replacing Or Just Tightening Barrel Taps   Suitable For Taps Without Backnuts Commonly Fitted To Balliho..
Ex Tax:£8.20
Stock: 11
Food Safe Silicon Based Grease With P.T.F.E   Recommended For Lubricating The Cap Seals On Pressure Barrels.   Safe To Use On An..
Ex Tax:£3.45
Stock: 20
Replacement O Ring Seal For Standard Home Brew Taps.     Fits Most Plastic Taps Including Balliihoo Barrels, King Kegs and Drum Taps.     ..
Ex Tax:£1.25
Stock: 20
Replacement O Ring Seal To Fit 2 Inch Caps.     This Seal Fits Most Standard 2" Caps Including All Balliihoo Barrel Caps.     ..
Ex Tax:£1.89
Stock: 10
Complete Seal Set For Brass & Stainless Steel Co2 Pressure Top Up Valves.   Consists Of 1 x Cylinder/Bulb Sealing O-Ring, 1 x Non Return Ru..
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Stock: 6
This kit contains all the spare seals you might need for most barrels with a 2" Cap, including the Balliihoo Basic, Youngs & Wilko Barrels.     ..
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Stock: 11
This Kit Contains All The Spare Seals You Might Need For Most Barrels With A 4" Cap, This Includes King Kegs, Balliihoo Premium Barrels & Rotokegs. ..
Ex Tax:£5.29
Stock: 2
Spare Seal Pack For Hambleton Bard/Rotokeg 4" Barrel Cap With Separate Inlet And Outlet Valves.   (Please Note These Are Not For King Keg O..
Ex Tax:£2.70
Stock: 2
Replacement Yellow Rubber Band For Safety Valve     Used On Older Roto Kegs And Hambleton Bard Barrels With 4" Caps (These Are Not For K..
Ex Tax:£1.09
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