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Jam Making Equipment

Stainless Steel Jam Funnel
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Quality Made Stainless Steel. 10.5cm > 3.5cm Diameter. 4cm Depth.  Tonys Tips This High Quality Stainless Steel Jam Funnel makes li..
Ex Tax:£5.19
Tala Canning Hot Jar Lifter
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The Safe And Easy Way To Lift Newly Sterilised Jam Jars Or Jars Filled With Hot Jam. Easy Grip 22cm High x 9cm Wide..
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Tala Jelly Bag - Jam Straining Bag
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Nylon Jelly Bags For Jam Straining Removes Pips And Seeds From Jams Width 17cm x Length 23cm...
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Tala Stainless Steel Jam Thermometer - 40C - 200C
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Tala Stainless Steel Jam / Confectionary Thermometer. Reads Temperatures From 40°C to 200°C With Clearly Marked Points. Pe..
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20cm Stainless Steel Sieve£5.99
Tala Jam Straining Kit With Bag£9.19