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1 gallon / 5l Clear Glass Jar Complete With Airlocks & Bungs     Use As An Alternative To A Glass Demi John     Single Han..
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Box Of 2 Standard Clear Glass, 1 Gallon, Twin Top Handle Demijonhs.     This Item Includes 2 x Airlock Bubblers & Bungs.     ..
Ex Tax:£22.95
Stock: 123
This is an Excellent Fermenting Vessel for Wine or Cider. Great shape with sturdy handles!     You can also use this for brewing beer. C..
Ex Tax:£19.99
Stock: 8
Traditional 23 Litre / 5 Gallon Fermentation Vessel. (6 US Gallons)     Ideal For Brewing & Storing Those Larger Batches.     Made From ..
Ex Tax:£40.99
Stock: 3
Will Fit Our 23 Litre / 5 Gallon Carboy.     Will Fit Other Carboys / Water Containers Etc. That Have Tops With An Outside Diameter Of 55mm - ..
Ex Tax:£5.09
Stock: 35
PET Plastic, A Great Alternative To Glass Demijohns.     Complete With Gromets, Handy Airlocks & LCD Temperature Indicators.    ..
Ex Tax:£7.99
Stock: 9
1 gallon / 5 L Clear Glass Jar Complete With Swing Stopper   Features A Decorative Dimpled Pattern and A Hook Style Handle   Can..
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Stock: 11
Ex Tax:£3.65
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Box Of 6 Standard Clear Glass, 1 Gallon, Twin Top Handle Demijonhs.     Please note this bulk pack  does NOT include any Airlocks or Bun..
Ex Tax:£62.31
Stock: 6
13cm Glass Alcohol Meter.   Shows Approximate Alcohol Content By Volume In Wines - Not For Use With Spirits Or Liqueurs.   Fill wine i..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Stock: 6
Glass Wine Pipette - 27cm Long.     Dip The Open Tube Into Your Wine Or Beer, Place Thumb Over The Top Hole & The Liquid Will Remain In The Tu..
Ex Tax:£4.50
Stock: 14
Food Grade Plastic Pipette - 46cm Long x 3cm Wide - Draws Up To 150ml.   Please Note This Does Not Fit All Demijohns, For This We Reccomend The ..
Ex Tax:£4.95
Stock: 74
Multi Coloured Plastic Tags for Easy Labeling of Demijohns   Complete By Labeling With Permanent Marker Pen and Clip Over Handle   ..
Ex Tax:£1.79
Stock: 7
Single Standard Clear Glass, 1 Gallon, Twin Top Handle Demijonh.      Includes Airlock Bubbler Or Bungs.     This Item Is Shipped With ..
Ex Tax:£12.75
Stock: 17
4" Solid cap to fit wine fermenter   Comes with O-Ring seal.   Please Note - This cap does NOT fit King Keg Barrels.    ..
Ex Tax:£5.75
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