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29 Mar Elderflower Champagne Recipe
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Elderflower Champagne Recipe - Makes 8 Litres - The creamy white flower heads of the elder tree appear in late spring, early summer, right throughout the Uk - Elderflower Champagne is an easy to make favourite with many people as unlike most hedgerow wine recipes, this one is ready to drink in just a few weeks from start to finish. This recipe is f..
15 Feb Apple Wine Recipe
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Apple Wine This recipe is for 1 gallon of easy to make Apple Wine, try to use windfall apples if possible and mostly sours, whilst sweet apples make good eating, sharp or sour tasting apples are best for wine making, so try to use at least 70% sharp tasting apples or cooking apples.Apple Wine is very simple to make and unlike cider, you do not need..
14 Feb All Grain BIAB Recipe Small Batch American Pale Ale Recipe
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5 Litre (1 Gallon) Brews have become a popular method of all grain brewing for those with limited space. It’s possible to make smaller batches of beer in a small kitchen without the need for storing large equipment. Another advantage is that it’s possible to experiment with more expensive ingredients and the successful recipes can then be upscaled ..
13 Feb Apple & Elderflower Wine Recipe
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Apple And Elderflower Wine This recipe is for 1 gallon of delicious apple and elderflower wine, it will create a dry and refreshing summer drink.  Ingredients 1 Litre Apple Juice1Kg Of Sugar2 Heaped Teaspoons Of Dried Elderflowers (approx 20grams)1 Teaspoon Of Pectolase 2 Teaspoons Of Yeast Nutrient 1.5 Teaspoons Of Tartaric Acid 1 Teaspoon Of Tann..
13 Feb Elderflower Cordial Recipe
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The sweetly scented, creamy-white flowers of the Elder Tree appear in abundance in hedgerows, scrub, woodlands and wasteland at the beginning of summer. The fresh flowers make a terrific aromatic cordial. They are best gathered just as the many tiny buds are beginning to open, and some are still closed. Gather on a warm, dry day (never when wet), c..
13 Feb Elderberry Wine Recipe
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1 Gallon Elderberry Wine Recipe - A 'hedgerow wine' favourite. between September and October the elderberries should be ripening and in abundance!Ingredients 1.5Kg Ripe Elderberries (approx. 3½ lb) or 750g of dried elderberries. 1.5Kg Sugar Sherry/Port Yeast Yeast Nutrient Citric Acid Campden TabletsEquipment 10 Litre Bucket Thermometer Potato Mash..
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