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Hole Punch For Airlock Grommets

Hole Punch For Airlock Grommets
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Hole Punch For Airlock Grommets
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  • Steel Punch For Making Holes For Airlock Grommets



  • Suitable For Punching Plastic Bucket Lids Or Other Plastic Caps



  • This Is The Correct Size For The Black Airlock And Blanking Grommet - Also Supplied With Our Fermenting Buckets



  • Not Suitable For The Red "Favorite" Grommet


Tony's Tips

Here is the Correct Sized Punch for Fermenter lids to House your Airlock Grommets, to ensure an airtight seal. You will of course need a Lump Hammer to give it a "One off" Healthy Bash . . . . maybe a gentle but Audible Warning "Tap" first so's not to, with a sudden BANG!! shock your Family and Pets if they're within Earshot, then, do a Hard, Brisk, Punch to make the"Hole in One" that will ensure a good clean edge to house the Grommet for a good seal. There are many uses for this Punch tool including Paper, Card and Soft Plastic but not Metal, Wood or Masonary!

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