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25 Litres Of Water And 6 Kg Sugar = 14% In 48 Hours Or 8Kg Sugar = 20% In 5 Days.     Also Ideal For Rapid Wine & Cider Fermentation.     ..
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Alcotec Triple Still Takes Purity In Fermentation To Its Extreme! Makes 14% Alcohol In 7 Days Using 6Kgs Of Normal Sugar Or 7Kgs Of Brewing Sugar. ..
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Sachet Of Activated Carbon (To Purify 25 Litres).     Add To Your Fermented Brew / Wash To Absorb Impurities Prior To Racking & Clearing.   ..
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Will Clear Wine, Beer Or High Alcohol Washes In Just 24 Hours.     Treats 25 Litres.     Tony's Tips Essential for clearing your ..
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20 Litres Of Water And 6 Kg Sugar For 15% In 3 Days or 7 Kg Sugar for 17% in 5 Days   Double Snake C3 Carbon Turbo Yeast Uses A Robust Alco..
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Cartridge Holder, Filter Container And Lid Used To Filter And Collect The Spirit Diredctly From Your Air Still Cartridges Are Design..
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  Carbon Cartridge Suitable For The Air Still Carbon Filter Instructions For Use - Each Carbon Cartridge Is Suitable To Filter Up To 1.1..
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  Food Grade Polyethylene Washers To Fit Both The Still Spirits Air Still Carbon Filter And Fermenter Lid (Pack Of 10). Reccomended To Cha..
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Still Spirits - Ceramic Boil Enhancers - 30g Packet
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Aids The Start Of The Boil Process To Ensure A Smooth Boil Add The Ceramic Boil Enhancers In The Wash Prior To Starting The Boil..
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  Specifically Designed For Optimal Purification Of Alcohol Or Water     Contains One Replacement Cartridge For The EZ Inline Filt..
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Still Spirits - Small Filter Papers Pack Of 5 - Product Code 50100
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Replacement Filter Papers For Still Spirits Z Filter Always Insure The Paper Lies Flat Across The Base. Replace After Each Batch Of Spirit..
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Defoaming Agent - Distilling Conditioner   50ml Bottle   Add A Capful To Your Wash Before Distilling.   This Will Hel..
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Contains 10L Upper Reservoir Unit, 10L Lower Reservoir Unit With Tap, Ez Filter And Ez Carbon Cartridge The Ez Filter System Uses The Unique ..
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  Pack Of 10 x Polyethelene Washers To Fit The EZ Filter And Inline Filter. These 40mm Washers Fit Either Side Of The EZ Carbon Cartridge And ..
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Fast Clean Easy To Use Specifically Designed For The Maximum Purification Of Alcohol Or Water Compatible With 3/8 Syphon Tube..
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Uk Version, 25L / 5 Gallon Boiler - 240v - 2KW   This Is The Boiler Base Which Accepts The Turbo 500 Condensers And Accessories Including T..
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Still Spirits Turbo 500 - T500 - Complete Set - Boiler And Stainless Steel Column
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Uk Version, 25L / 5 Gallon Boiler - 240v - 2KW   This Complete Set Is The Boiler Base And The Stainless Steel Fractionating Column.   ..
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The Stainless Steel Fractionating Column Is Designed For Use With The T500 Stainless Steel Boiler   Includes : Prepacked Column, PVC and PE..
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This Size Of Turbo Carbon Is Ideal For Use During Fermentation Its Activated Internal Pore Structure Removes Impurities The Addition Of Turb..
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One Sachet Will Clear Up To 25L Of Wash Add Directly Into Your Wash And Within 24 Hours Removes Over 90% Of The Yeast Cells, Solids And Other..
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The Classic 8 Is Still Spirits Top Selling Turbo Yeast This Is A  Rapid Fermenting Yeast, Producing At Least 18% Alcohol And Potentially Mo..
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This Is The Turbo Yeast To Use When You Require The Highest Quality Alcohol  The Fermentation Takes 6-7 Days To Achieve 21 Litres Of Wash A..
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This Unit Is The UK Model - Suitable For Home Distillation & Purification Of Water.     Compact & Easy To Use, Comes With, Carbon Filter Ho..
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Anti Foaming Agent For Use While Distilling     Can Also Be Used While Fermenting To Remove Foam When Testing With Hydrometer     Super ..
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Replacement Lid Seal For 4 Litre Smartstill.     Tony's Tips Keep a spare! you never need one . . . . until you unexpectedly need one! as "M..
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For Use In Smartstills.     For Smoother Boiling.     Can Be Re Used.     Tony's Tips Science at work here! These ess..
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Pack Of 2 Activated Carbon Sachets (Teabags).     Soak The Sachet In A Cup Of Warm Water Prior To Use.     Each Bag Can Be Used ..
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Pack Of Residue Cleaner For 4 Litre Smartstill.     Fill The Boiling Chamber Of Your Distillation Unit With Water, Add One Sachet Of Resid..
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Glass Spirit Alcohol Meter.     Comes In a Protective Plastic Sleeve - With Instruction Sheet.     This Alcohol Meter Is Intended For Sp..
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