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Testing Equipment

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Glass Hydrometer from Stevenson Reeves. For Home Wine And Beer Makers - With 3 Scales   Scale One - Specific Gravity From 980 To 1200, With Easy..
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Stevenson Reeves 12" Glass Spirit Thermometer.     For Accurate Temperature Measurement of Your Brew.     Reads From -10 to 110 °C.  ..
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Self Adhesive LCD Thermometer Strip With Temperature Indication From 12ºc To 32ºc.     Ideal For All Fermenters - Barrels, Demijohns And Bucket..
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Glass Trial Jar     23cm Deep - 170ml Capacity     Ideal for Taking Samples of Your Brew For Testing With a Hydrometer ..
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Plastic Trial Jar.     150ml Capacity, 250mm Deep, 30mm Diameter     Ideal For Taking Samples Of Your Brew For Testing With A Hydromete..
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13cm Glass Alcohol Meter.   Shows Approximate Alcohol Content By Volume In Wines - Not For Use With Spirits Or Liqueurs.   Fill wine i..
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Glass Trial Jar In Display Box Graduated In ml From Zero To 100 Dimentions - 230mm High, 32mm Diameter..
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Syringe For Titration Acid Test Kit - 2.5ml
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Spare Syringe For Use With The Ritchies Titration Kit     2.5ml Graduated In 0.1mm Increments Tony's Tips Sorry! . . . . . Yes! really so..
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Home Brew Testing Equipment Set, Includes Glass Trial Jar, Stevenson Reeves Beer & Wine Hydrometer, Stevenson Reeves 30cm Glass Spirit Thermometer  An..
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10 Individual Strips For Testing The Acid Level Of Beer     Comes With A Colour Comparison Chart     Indicates pH At 4.6, 5, 5.4, 5.8 an..
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Book Of 20 Litmus Papers - Range pH1 to pH 11.     Comes With Colour Comparison Chart.     Ideal For Testing Acidity Of Home Made Ciders..
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10 Individual Strips For Testing The Acid Level Of Wine And Cider     Comes With A Colour Comparison Chart     Indicates pH At 2.8, 3.2,..
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Wine & Beer Acid Test Kit - Titration Kit
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Contains All The Equipment & Reagents To Determine Acid Content.     Standard Sodium Hydroxide, Acid Indicator Solutions, Calibrated Plastic Sy..
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