Brewery In A Bag Craft Beer Brewing Kit - Pale Ale

  • Brewery In A Bag Craft Beer Brewing Kit - Pale Ale
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  • Muntons Brewery In A Bag Is The Perfect Introduction To Brewing Beer At Home.



  • It Makes An Ideal Gift As Absolutely No Other Equipment Is Required, You Brew Up And Dispense From The Bag.



  • 25 Pints Are Brewed And Ready To Drink In 30 Days. Just Add Water



  • Golden Ale - A Refreshing Golden Ale, With A Distinctive Zingy Hoppy Flavour Balanced With Sweet Malt.
Tony's Tips
Muntons know what they're doing even if you dont! These tall tubes of quality Pale Ale Ingredients in a fermenting and serving Bag hardly need you either, just add water to the ingredients, tip the yeast in and wait a while before you drink the contents.
It's now so easy to make a great beer, you may ask why do I need this cupboard full of Homebrew Paraphenalia? . . . . . Good point!  However, a Balliihoo thermometer strip may come in handy to keep fermentation at the correct temperature and possibly a heater pad to raise the ambient temperature in colder months. Then there may be an advantage by adding finings to clear the brew quicker but apart from these items and a beer glass or two, that's it!
Top quality homebrew is now available to "no brainers" and "experts" alike. Mind you, "yesterday's experts" can morph into "today's" well seasoned "no brainers" given enough homebrew and time!. . . . so no worries! quality homebrew is still attainable even if everything else becomes impossible . . . . Bliss!







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