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Dried Sloes - 500g Bag

Dried Sloes - 500g Bag
Dried Sloes - 500g Bag
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  • 500g Bag Of Dried Sloe Berries, Use As An Alternative To Fresh Sloes When Making Sloe Gin



  • Can Be Used In Home Made Wine Recipies As Well As Home Made Jam



  • Ideal For Making Sloe Gin At Any Time Of Year Or When Fresh Sloes Are Scarce


Tony's Tips

Beats trampling through the Undergrowth with yer Spider Defending Earmuffs, Baseball Cap and All-weather Trousers tucked into yer Rubber Wellies looking in Blackthorn Bushes (Ouch!) for Fresh Sloes . . .  that aren't there! or if they are, they're not ripe yet, over ripe or covered in Black fly, Bird S . . . and Slug Slime. Give me a bag of nice clean, perfectly ripe Sloes anyday at any Price. These Sloes are good . . . . and considering the undeniable facts above, quite cheap!

Sloes are not only associated with the production of Gin, other uses include Whisky, Jam, Jelly, and like everything that is provided by Mother Nature - Vast Medicinal purposes! just Google "Sloes - Usage".

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