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Dried Rosehips - 500g Bag

Dried Rosehips - 500g Bag
Dried Rosehips - 500g Bag
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  • For Making Rosehip Wine Or As Part Of Your Wine Recipe



  • Use As An Alternative To Fresh Rosehips  - 500g Of Dried Rosehips Is Equivalent To 2kg Of Fresh


Tony's Tips,

Dried Rosehips are as good for wine as the fresh article! just re-hydrate these rose hips in  water overnight and then crush, cut or chop them up and add  Vinclasse brewing sugar and juice from a Lemon.  Pour  boiling water over the mixture and stir to fully dissolve the sugar,  when cooled to about 20C add yeast and Leave covered in a warm place for a couple of weeks stirring daily. Then strain the liquor through a nylon bag and put into demijohns. Fit an airlock and continue to ferment until the wine clears, (approx 3 months.) Rack off into clean demijohns and store in bulk for a further 3 months before racking again and then bottling. For a  more detailed recipe, please look in the Articles section of the Balliihoo website. Everyone agrees Rosehips are good for you and wine-drinkers say Rosehip wine is even better for you!


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