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VinClasse Citric Acid 250g Tub

VinClasse Citric Acid 250g Tub
VinClasse Citric Acid 250g Tub
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  • Probably the most popular acid for wine making.


  • Adds a pleasant fruity flavour.


  • Can be used in soft drinks to give a lemon flavour.


Tony's Tips,

The common "inspirational" belief is that Citric Acid has always derived exclusively from Luscious Natural Lemons creating a pleasant if not sharpish Organic Citrous Flavouring. Today's lesser known but  more likely derivation is now from  cane sugar and molasses being fermented in a fungus called Aspergillus Niger and is actually a mould extract. Don't let this newly gained dark knowledge put you off though! The fact is that Citric Acid  will add a delightful crispy, lemony, edge to your white wine, beer and  cider when added after fermentation. As a guide 1 teaspoon is approximately equal to the juice extract from 1 Lemon, so one or two teaspoons per 23 litres will be about right subject to personal taste.

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