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Winebuddy 30 Bottle Wine Kit - White Zinfandel

Winebuddy 30 Bottle Wine Kit - White Zinfandel
Winebuddy 30 Bottle Wine Kit - White Zinfandel
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  • Ingredients To Make 30 Bottles Of White Zinfandel  Rose Wine
  • Ferments In 7 Days & Comes With Full Instructions.
  • Kit Includes - 1 x Concentrate Bottle - 1 x Yeast Nutrient - 1 x Stabiliser - French Oak Chips - Finings.
  • You Will Require 4Kg Of Sugar Or Brewing Sugar, Basic Brewing Equipment For 30 Bottles Of Wine.


Tony's Tips,

30 Bottles of perfectly Quaffable wine in just 7 days! Of course the longer it's left in the bottle (before opening!) the better it will be, however, at around 1 per bottle it's a great value kit in the style of White Zinfandel. It can also pay to "Brew Short" by reducing the amount of water in the mix to say 20 litres . . . . and if you really want to boost the character of this wine and "make it your own" as they say on TV Reality shows like the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, then introduce some extra Grape or Fruit juice to compliment the taste such as VinClasse Red or White Grape Juice Concentrate, or for a more complex finish try adding controlled amounts of Young's Country Definitive Peach, Elderflower or Blackberry kits as desired. Plenty of experiments to enjoy here! So take careful notes . . . . . all wine making equipment and ingredients are available on the Balliihoo website.

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