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SG Wines Gold 30 Bottle Rose Wine Ingredient Kit - Zinfandel Rose (Formerly Solomon Grundy)

SG Wines Gold 30 Bottle Rose Wine Ingredient Kit - Zinfandel Rose (Formerly Solomon Grundy)
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SG Wines Gold 30 Bottle Rose Wine Ingredient Kit - Zinfandel Rose (Formerly Solomon Grundy)
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  • Ingredients To Make 30 Bottles Of Vibrant Fruity Rose Wine With Notes Of Fresh Strawberry And Subtle Floral Undertones.


  • Ready In 7 Days & Comes With Full Instructions.


  • Kit includes - Grape Juice Concentrate Blend Pouch, Wine Yeast Sachet, Yeast Nutrient Sachet, Acid Regulator Sachet, Stabiliser Sachet, Wine Finings A x 2, Wine Finings B x 1, Flavouring Add-Back


  • You Will Require 3kg Of Sugar Or 3.3kg Of Brewing Sugar And Basic Brewing Equipment For 30 Bottles Of Wine.
Tony's Tips

This quality wine is very popular due to its "Ready to Drink in 7 Days" promise combined with the relative ease of production. As the old Nursery Rhyme goes "Born on a Monday . . . . Christened on a Tuesday, etc. etc. . . . . forget the Saturday and Skip a few weeks ahead! It is true to say that the wine improves when left  to mature for a few weeks in the bottle, but this is not everyone's cup of tea! There are those (possibly impatience being the trigger!) that prefer the sharper tangier finish of a freshly bottled wine to the more rounded softer matured style, all a matter of choice. French Oak Chips, not included in this kit  added to the must at the start of fermentation can produce a more complex finish to the wine . . . . it's all a matter of personal choice . . . . Keep experimenting, and be sure to take notes!

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