Wine Bottle Straight Corks - Pack of 30

  • Wine Bottle Straight Corks - Pack of 30
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  • Quality Corks For a Professional Finish to your Wine Bottles.



  • Requires a Corking Tool to Insert Corks into Wine Bottles - See Our Other Items.



  • Standard Home Brew Size 38mm x 22mm.



Tony’s Tips

Professional, effective, low cost and easy to insert with the correct Balliihoo corking tool of your choice, there are quite a few varieties of natural cork grown originally from the Bark of Cork Oak Trees in Portugal. Once extracted, a new layer of Cork bark begins to form, truly self-sustaining!  No actual harm comes to these Trees and corks will never become extinct as a result. Tip: dampen cork sides with a little cooled boiled water to ease entry into the tight aperture and prevent that high pitched squeak as it glides in effortlessly!

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