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Wine and Beer Hydrometer Stevenson Reeves

Wine and Beer Hydrometer Stevenson Reeves
Wine and Beer Hydrometer Stevenson Reeves
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  • Glass Hydrometer from Stevenson Reeves. For Home Wine And Beer Makers - With 3 Scales
  • Scale One - Specific Gravity From 980 To 1200, With Easy Read Coloured Bands, For Start Wine - Start Beer & Bottle - Take A Starting Gravity Reading & A Final Gravity Reading To Be Able To Calculate The Specific Alcohol Content (Formula Sheet Included Or Try Our Handy Online Alcohol Calculator)
  • Scale Two - Shows The Potential Alcohol Of Your Starting Brew - Also Indicates Where To Stop Your Fermentation To Acheive Dry, Medium Or Sweet Wines
  • Scale Three - Sugar Content In Grammes Per Litre - By Comparing This With The Potential Alcohol Scale, You Can Calculate How Much Exta Sugar To Add To Increase The Finished ABV %
  • Comes With Full Instructions On The Label


Tonys Tips

Dont underestimate the importance of an accurate Beer and Wine Dipstick. . . . The Hydrometer.
But do I Really need one. . . . Yes! . . . . Yes you do, especially for wines where the Specific Gravity level for best results is critical. Although Beer and Cider is more forgiving in some ways, its essential to know when the ultimate time for Bottling or Barrelling is due. Its also good to know the actual Alcohol content of your brew by volume, especially if you or your guests are driving the morning after the night before!

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