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VinClasse Ascorbic Acid 50g

VinClasse Ascorbic Acid 50g
VinClasse Ascorbic Acid 50g
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  • A Substitute To Natural Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)


  • Used To Prevent The Oxidization Of Fruit Juices, Musts And Wines


  • Usage 1g To Be Added To 20l Of Wine


Tony's Tips,

Ascorbic Acid is Vitamin C. There is much valid hype about the preventative and healing qualities of Vitamin C, and yes, Vitamin C is required by the body to avoid dried skin and hair conditions (Scurvy) and other uninvited ailments. One way to ensure your body is not Vitamin C deficient is to eat lots of Fruit and Veg., another way is to lace your wine with Ascorbic Acid! Vitamin C is not stored by the body so "little and often" comes into play here, although to give a real boost your Vit. C intake . . . . . "Lots" and often may do the trick quicker . . . . . go easy though, there are limits before the alcohol nullifies the good that's being done by the Ascorbic Acid!

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