Traditional Apple / Orange Juice Bottle With Twist Lid - 250ml x 12

  • 13 In Stock
  • Pack Of 12 Clear Glass Bottles



  • Complete With Gold Twist, 38mm "Jar Type" Lids



  • Traditionally Used For Apple And Orange Juice



  • Height 156mm, Neck Diameter 38mm, Base Diameter 56mm


Tony's Tips,

Remember these? - little Glass Bottles with Gold Twist Caps, usually containing orange juice, they  used to be carried in open crates, Rattling on the back of United, or Express Dairies Electric Milk Floats before the days of Cardboard Cartons, Tetropacks or Cheap and Nasty Plastic Bottles. These "irresistible" Real Glass gems used to go missing quite regularly whilst the friendly, unsuspecting Local Milkman was, busy away from his unguarded stock (no security cameras in those days!) attending  his customers needs! (that was the case in my street anyway!)

Ah! those were the days . . . . Personal deliveries, Passing the time of day with pleasant door traders . . . . Sunshine in a Real Glass bottle!  Now we can re-live those memories with these Traditional Glass Fruit Juice Bottles.

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