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14" Rigid Syphon Tube with U Bend

14" Rigid Syphon Tube with U Bend
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  • 14" (330mm) Rigid syphon Tube attatches into 5/16" Bore Pvc Tube (See our Other Items)



  • U bend Cup to Prevent Sediment from Being Sucked into the Tube



Tony’s Tips


Once you have syphoned with the 14” Rigid Syphon Tube with U Bend you will never do it any other way! it Takes all the guesswork out of the syphoning process and eliminates the likelihood of drawing in the very sediment you are trying to eliminate! Another great invention, up there with the Hoover, Sellotape, Black & Decker Workmate, Fender “Strat” Guitar and of course Sliced Bread!





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