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Sucralose Sweetener Powder - 1kg Tub

Sucralose Sweetener Powder - 1kg Tub
Sucralose Sweetener Powder - 1kg Tub
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  • Zero Calorie Artificial Sweetener, Made From Sugar.



  • Non Fermentable, Commonly Used In Ciders And Wines Etc.



  • 600 Times Sweeter Than Sugar.



  • Twice As Sweet As Saccharin and Considered To Have A Much Smoother Taste, Similar To Sugar.


Tony's Tips

Sucralose Sweetener Powder is made from Sugar, performs and tastes just like sugar, although 600 x sweeter and 2 x sweeter than Saccharin, but note it is not Fermentable. Discovered in 1976 by the Tate and Lyle Research Group at Queen Elizabeth College, London (now King's College, London). Sucralose is noncaloric,  safe for Diabetics and doesn't interfere with Insulin Levels. Known in the EU as Additive Code E955 in food, it has been tested and found Safe, Stable and Harmless in food usage for Human Consumption in more than 80 countries including:- U.S.A. and Canada, Australia, China, Japan and the European Union.

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