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Muntons Spraymalt Hopped Light 500g

Muntons Spraymalt Hopped Light 500g
Muntons Spraymalt Hopped Light 500g
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  • Adds Extra Hops As Well As More Malt. Perfect As A Genral Kit Improver - Specially Designed To Retain The Beer's Natural Balance.



  • Use as a Direct Replacement for Sugar (lb For lb) When Brewing.



  • Suitable For Use With Any of Our Single Tin Beer Kits.


Tony’s Tips

For ease of combining, add Muntons Hopped Light Spraymalt to the fermenter vessel at the same time as the beer kit ingredients are being added and before the addition of any hot or cold water, spray malt retains all of the delicious malt flavour without imparting any burnt or off flavours, well worth the small additional cost in place of sugar or even as a mix with sugar to the specified total volume. I often add an extra 200g of sugar on top of the specified amount for a slightly stronger malt enhanced brew.   

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