Balliihoo Light Spraymalt 1kg

  • Balliihoo Light Spraymalt 1kg
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  • Great For All Beer Styles. Adds Extra Body And Richness. Especially Useful When Brewing Lighter Beers Such As Lagers And Pilsners.



  • Use as a Direct Replacement for Sugar (lb For lb) When Brewing.



  • Suitable For Use With Any of Our Single Tin Beer Kits.


Tony's Tips

What a difference this makes to the body and fullness of the single tin brew! Balliihoo Spraymalt can be mixed with varying quantities of granulated sugar, brewing sugar, molasses, honey, beer enhancer or whatever to make up the total required  and the extra left-over Spraymalt, re-sealed in the bag and later used to enhance another brew, another day or even adding to a dual can kit for a completely  over indulgent treat! Tip: Experimentation is the key to originality and surprise, but always take accurate notes of the ingredients and quantities used . . . . you don't want to forget what made that "Sunny Mexican Cerveza" or conversely that "Sickly Owd Codger"!

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