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Gervin Yeast - GV12 Ale Yeast

Gervin Yeast - GV12 Ale Yeast
Gervin Yeast - GV12 Ale Yeast
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  • Formulated To Produce Exceptional Results With Rapid Fermentation For Most Beer Recipes


Tony’s Tips

There are some 1500 yeast strains. Therefore there's a lot of research and note taking concernig the best Yeast for specific uses like brewing and wine-making. Gervin yeasts are designed to please the brewer by offering certain characteristics that enhance a diversity of wines and ale styles. Therefore, yeast is not just Yeast, it is finely adjusted and formulated for special uses. Tip: use the appropriate yeast for the purpose required, by reading the text on each packet or look at the various web site descriptions for the best uses of each type of yeast.

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