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Basic 30 Bottle Wine Starter Set With Rose Blush (Sugar Required) Ingredient Kit

Basic 30 Bottle Wine Starter Set With Rose Blush (Sugar Required) Ingredient Kit
Basic 30 Bottle Wine Starter Set With Rose Blush (Sugar Required) Ingredient Kit
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  • This Set Is All The Basic Equipment Needed To Start Home Brewing 30 Bottles Of Wine.
  • It Also Includes a VinClasse 2kg Rose Blush Wine Kit Containing Approx 1.5 Litres Of 100%, High Quality Varietal Grape Juice Concentrate, To Achieve a Well Balanced Wine, Near The Commercial Equivalent. You Will Require 4kgs Of Additional Sugar (Not Included)
  • Makes 23 Litres / 5 gallons (Approx 30 Bottles) Of Rose Wine - Ready To Drink In Around 7 Days and Will Improve Further Over Following Weeks. Kit Includes Grape Juice, Extract Favouring, Wine Yeast / Nutrients, Stabiliser, Finings and Full Easy To Follow Instructions.
  • The Equipment Set Is Suitable For Use With All 30 Bottle Wine Ingredient Kits and Larger Batches Of Home Made Country Wines and Ciders.
  • 2 x 25 Litre Fermentation Buckets With Grommets, A Bubbler Airlock, LCD Thermometer Strips, One Of The Buckets Includes a Tap (For Easier Transfer and Bottling).
  • 1.25m Syphon Tube With Racking Cane - 100gram Tub Of Steriliser - Hydrometer and Trial Jar - Long Handled Plastic Spoon - Plastic Measuring Jug - 3 x Plastic Funnels - a Balliihoo Leather Coaster.
  • Once Your Wine Has Finished Fermenting You Will Require Bottles, Corks and Corker Or Bag In a Box/Polypin Wine Dispenser (Not Included). Alternatively You Can Save Your Own Bottles For Re-Use, Dont Forget To Keep The Caps!



Tony's Tips

Great Christmas Present! . . . . In fact, a  Great Gift at any time of Year, especially for the Person who has been thinking about Making Wine for a while but just needs a simple and quick "All Inclusive" Package to get started; in which case buy 4 kgs of Brewing Sugar to go with the Basic 30 Bottle Wine Starter Set and maybe a Box of 30 wine Bottles with Corks and a Cheap Basic Hand Corker, Self Adhesive Labels and a Marker Pen (all available from Balliihoo) then they'll have no excuse to do it! Now, Play Your Cards Right! . . . . Attach (with love), a nice card wishing them every success in their wine making venture and a friendly offer of your unconditional help if required, and hopefully, you'll be given sufficient bottles of Wine made from this wonderful gift to recoupe the cost!. . . . Remember, at an equivalent shop price of £5 - £6 per bottle your gift to this particular individual may cost you effectively Zip!  . . . . . . . That's a Gift!

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