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Basic 30 Bottle Wine Starter Set & German Style White (Sugar Required) Ingredient Kit

Basic 30 Bottle Wine Starter Set & German Style White (Sugar Required) Ingredient Kit
Basic 30 Bottle Wine Starter Set & German Style White (Sugar Required) Ingredient Kit
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  • This Set Is All The Basic Equipment Needed To Start Home Brewing 30 Bottles Of Wine.
  • It Also Includes a VinClasse 2kg German Style White Wine Kit Containing Approx 1.5 Litres Of 100%, High Quality Varietal Grape Juice Concentrate, To Achieve a Well Balanced Wine, Near The Commercial Equivalent. You Will Require 4kgs Of Additional Sugar (Not Included)
  • Makes 23 Litres / 5 gallons (Approx 30 Bottles) Of German Style White Wine - Ready To Drink In Around 7 Days and Will Improve Further Over Following Weeks. Kit Includes Grape Juice, Extract Favouring, Wine Yeast / Nutrients, Stabiliser, Finings and Full Easy To Follow Instructions.
  • The Equipment Set Is Suitable For Use With All 30 Bottle Wine Ingredient Kits and Larger Batches Of Home Made Country Wines & Ciders.
  • 2 x 25 Litre Fermentation Buckets With Grommets, a Bubbler Airlock, LCD Thermometer Strips, One Of the Buckets Includes a Tap (For Easier Transfer and Bottling).
  • 1.25m Syphon Tube With Racking Cane - 100gram Tub Of Steriliser - Hydrometer and Trial Jar - Long Handled Plastic Spoon - Plastic Measuring Jug - 3 x Plastic Funnels - a Balliihoo Leather Coaster.
  • Once Your Wine Has Finished Fermenting You Will Require Bottles, Corks and Corker Or Bag In a Box/Polypin Wine Dispenser (Not Included). Alternatively You Can Save Your Own Bottles For Re-Use, Dont Forget To Keep The Caps!


Tony's Tips

Great Christmas Present! . . . . In fact, a  Great Gift at any time of Year, especially for the Person who has been thinking about Making Wine for a while but just needs a simple and quick "All Inclusive" Package to get started; in which case buy 4 kgs of Brewing Sugar to go with the Basic 30 Bottle Wine Starter Set and maybe a Box of 30 wine Bottles with Corks and a Cheap Basic Hand Corker, Self Adhesive Labels and a Marker Pen (all available from Balliihoo) then they'll have no excuse to not do it!

Now, play Your Cards Right! . . . . Attach (with love), a nice card wishing them every success in their wine making venture and a friendly offer of your unconditional help if required, and hopefully, you'll be given sufficient bottles of Wine made from this wonderful gift to recoupe the cost!. . . . Remember, at an equivalent shop price of £5 - £6 per bottle your gift to this particular individual may cost you effectively Zip!  . . . . . . . That's a  Gift!


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