St Peters 3kg - Cream Stout

  • St Peters 3kg - Cream Stout
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  • 3Kg Kit, Makes 36 Pints of Quality Cream Stout, Full instructions included.



  • An Aromatic, Strong, Dark Chocolate Cream Stout With A Satisfying Bittersweet Aftertaste - Approx 5% ABV



  • All Ingredients Included, No Extra Sugars Required.


Tony’s Tips

This Suffolk based St. Peter's Brewery has won many awards, founded in 1996 next to St. Peter’s Hall in Bungay. Distinctive features such as their oval gin style Beer bottles, 12-18 different and seasonal cask ales, a pub in London called the “Jerusalem Tavern” and the renowned title “Organic Beer specialists” all unite to make this a great traditional style English brewery excelling in the stronger levels; 4.3% ABV – 5.5% ABV (5.0% ABV here). Easy to Brew, easier to drink, even easier to fall over . . . . . Bliss!

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