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Still Spirits - Top Shelf - Spirit Additions - Mellow Oak

Still Spirits  - Top Shelf - Spirit Additions -  Mellow Oak
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Still Spirits - Top Shelf - Spirit Additions - Mellow Oak
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  • Oak Extract Used To Oak Age Spirits & Wines - Ideal For Whisky, Brandy, Bourbon & Dark Rum


  • Each 50ml Bottle of Essence Will Flavour Between 10l And 50L Of 40% Distilled Vodka Or Spirit


  • To Use, Shake Well & Add To Taste, Betwwen 1ml to 5ml Per Litre Of Spirit. Store For 7 - 10 Days To Allow Oak Character To Fully Develop


Tony's Tips

Now Here is the next step in Achieving Excellent Homebrew Liqueurs. The easy production method involves no more than the above mentioned steps. All you need are some decent looking Bottles and a Welcoming Home Bar in the living Room and you are in Business! Don't forget to print your Self-adhesive Bottle Labels to add extra credibility to your Spirits and Liqueur Presentation,  Label Images are downloadable at no charge from


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