Still Spirits Turbo Yeast (Classic 8)

  • Still Spirits Turbo Yeast (Classic 8)
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  • The Classic 8 Is Still Spirits Top Selling Turbo Yeast

  • This Is A  Rapid Fermenting Yeast, Producing At Least 18% Alcohol And Potentially More. Also Contains Nutrients To Aid With A Fast Fermentation.

  • Use With 6kg Of Sugar For 48 Hours Fermentation at 30C (72 hour at 18C) And Approx 14.5% ABV. Or Use 8kg Of Sugar For 20% ABV in 5-10 days

  • Temperature Range Of 18 to 30 Degrees

  • For Best Results, Ferment With The Addition Of Turbo Carbon And Clear With A Two Part Turbo Finings

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