Spiral Wort Chiller - S30

  • Spiral Wort Chiller - S30
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  • Stainless Steel Spiral Wort Chiller



  • For Rapid Cooling Of Wort After Mashing And Boiling - Submerse The Chiller And Supply A Continuous Flow Of Cold Water Until Desired Temperature Is Reached



  • Overall Tube Length Of 6.3m



  • 12mm Tube Diameter


  • 190mm Coil Diameter



  • Can Be Connected To Water Supply Using Standard Hose Pipe And Jubilee Clips (not Supplied)

Tony's Tips,

Here it is! the bit that makes whole grain brewing less time consuming, the S30 Spiral Wort Chiller - High quality Stainless Steel Spiral Cooler. Now there's no need to make your own cooler out of plastic tube, plumber's copper pipe or a leaking polythene bag of Ice from Morrisson's Tesco's or Sainsbury's! Its easy to use,  reasonably priced and cools the wort in minutes, another item for the more serious homebrewer who wants the best results in the least amount of Time.

When you think about it. . . . . . .

. . . . . It's the exact reverse of the hot water coil that is connected to your central Heating Boiler in your Hot Water Tank in the Airing Cupboard (don't get any ideas!) that one is not likely to be available whenever you want to Brew and even if you got a dedicated coil in a second hand Tank they are hard to remove from a sealed tank, "filthy" and made of a material which could contaminate your Wort.  Don't wait any longer, buy an S30 Spiral Wort Chiller it's so Cool!



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