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Keefers Dry Apple & Elderflower Wine

Keefer’s Dry Apple & Elderflower Wine


1 Litre Apple Juice

Sugar                               1 kilo

Dried Elderflower           2 heaped Teaspoons 

Pectolase                         1 Teaspoon

Nutrient                           Yeast Nutrient/Tronozymol 2 Teaspoons

Acid                                  1.5 Teaspoons Tartaric

Tannin                              1 Teaspoon Tannin Powder (Or One Crushed Tannin Tablet)

Bentonite                        1.5 Teaspoons

Yeast                                Gervin GV3


You will need

1 Demijohn + another for racking and a siphon tube.

Large funnel  Small funnel

A small strainer

2 screw top glass bottles, about 300ml-ish, preferably flat bottomed

Measuring spoon 5 ml

All the things I’ve forgotten !




Put the kettle on.


Pour a little cold water, about 1 centimetre, into one of the small bottles

then using the small funnel, add the dried elderflower. Pour in very hot water until bottle is about ¾ full and put the top on. Put bottle aside to let it steep.


Make yourself a hot drink. (Optional!)


3/4 fill the other small bottle with warm water, not too warm. Add the bentonite and tannin, screw the top on and shake violently. Repeat this every five minutes or so.


Add the apple juice to the demijohn, then the sugar. Add about 2 pts very hot water. Plug the demijohn with a solid bung then shake the demijohn until all the sugar is dissolved. Add the bentonite/tannin then add the brewed elderflower through a fine strainer, Add cold water to just below the shoulder. Add the other chemicals and shake well to mix everything. When the temperature of the must is no higher than 22C add the yeast. Add airlock and leave to ferment until the initial ferment slows right down, about 7 days, then top up to the neck with tepid water. Allow about a month for the ferment to stop. It should go completely dry with the gravity about 0.090.

When the wine begins to clear rack off, add a crushed campden tablet and leave till completely clear. You may want to use stabiliser to ensure total cessation of fermentation, follow the instructions on the tub, rack again, add another campden tablet and leave for a month before racking then bottling. Leave another month (if you can) before drinking. This is a light refreshing wine but please do not chill it too much, just lightly chilled is fine. Hope you enjoy as much as my wife does.  Cheers!


Note. You can use red grape juice instead of apple juice but reduce the sugar by 1 ounce or it may not go completely dry.


Many Thanks For This Recipe - By Keith Watkins - From Kingswood, Bristol