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Blackberry Dessert Wine - Recipe 2

Blackberry Dessert Wine II


2kg (4½ lb)  Blackberries

250g (9 oz) Blackcurrants

250g (9 oz) Elderberries

500g (18 oz) Grape Juice Concentrate

250g (9 oz) Bananas – very ripe

1250g (2¾ lb) Sugar

4 litres (7 pints)

Pectolase & Campden Tablet

Dessert/High Alcohol Yeast & Nutrient


Selecting the best quality fruit, remove all the stalks and rinse under cold running water.


Simmer the Elderberries and peeled Bananas in 1 litre of water for 20 minutes and then pour them into a bin containing the crushed Blackberries and Blackcurrants.


Add the rest of the water, Pectolase and Campden tablet.  Cover and leave for 24 hours.


Stir in the Grape Juice Concentrate – together with an Active Yeast and Nutrient.  Ferment on the pulp for 5 – 7 days, pressing down the fruit cap twice daily.


Strain out and gently press the fruit, stir in half the sugar, pour into a dark fermentation jar, leaving space for the remaining sugar, fit an air-lock and continue fermentation.


After 8 days add half the remaining sugar and 8 days later add the rest.


When fermentation finishes, move the wine to a cooler position and 4 days later siphon it into a sterilised storage jar.  Add 1 Campden tablet and store the wine for 2 months.


Again rack the wine and then store for at least 10 months before bottling and follow with another 6 months storage.


Always keep Blackberry Wine in dark glass or opaque containers so that the colour does not fade in the light.


Note: “All Purpose” yeast may also be used.  250 grams White Grape Concentrate can also be added per 4½ litres of must, and improves the wine substantially.  Reduce the sugar by 200g.