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How To - Hand Corker

1. Insert cork into top of tapering hole of the smaller tube.

2. Place open end of smaller tube over head of bottle. 


3. Place larger tube over smaller tube and press down firmly, for this operation the bottle should be placed on a firm level surface and held steady with your other hand. If Possible Place Your bottle at floor level and lean over the bottle as you push down (utilising your weight and pressure coming from your shoulder), i find this the easiest way to use this type of corker.

4. Corks need to pass through the tapered tube into the bottle where they will expand to their original size after about 24 hours  (Store bottles up right for a day before laying flat). A fair amount of force is required to insert a cork so to ease the operation place your corks in water and insert wet. Water is not  essential but i find a few drops of water on the cork and in the corker make things go a little easier.