Grain Coat - Insulating Jacket For Grainfather

  • Grain Coat - Insulating Jacket For Grainfather
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  • Designed For The Grainfather Brewing System - For Heat Insulation Especially In Colder Areas, Helping To Maintain A Constant Temperature During The Brew



  • Machine Washable And Wipeable Covering - 7mm Thick SBR Foam Inner


Tony's Tips

Not just a cosmetic adornment, but a practical, protective, insulating outer jacket for your Grainfather that just happens to be attractive, whist maintaining a constant temperature for your brewing unit.

Also a great gift for anyone who has a Grainfather brewing system (or not - in which case it may  become a novelty, if not ill fitting waistcoat until the wearer gets a Grainfather to make good use of it for its real purpose!)

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