Festival Premium Cider 3.6kg - Forest Fruits

  • Festival Premium Cider 3.6kg - Forest Fruits
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  • 3.6kg Kit, Makes 40 Pints Of Forest Fruit Cider At Approx 5.2% A.B.V - Made With Real Fruit



  • Contains 2kg Of Quality Apple Concentratre, Brewing Sugar, Dried Forest Fruits, Yeast/ Nutrients, Sweetener and Flavouring Sachets And Priming Sugar



  • A winning Combination Of Woodland Fruit Berries And Crisp Apple, Vibrant In Colour With A Berry Aroma



  • All Ingredients And Full Instructions Included


Tony's Tips,

now here's a departure from the norm. a Festival kit with a difference! . . . . Cider instead of Beer, but still bearing the hallmark of a great brew that's easy and reliable to make, just like the beer kits we all love from this great supplier and good to enjoy too. With Forest berry fruit addition  even a "non Cider" fancier will enjoy the difference, that's Blueberries, Sloes, Rowanberries, Blackcurrants, Raisins, Elderberries and obviously Apple.   MMMMmmmmm!! . . . . .Lets get some in!

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