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Extendable Telescopic Syphon With Tube - Extra Long

Extendable Telescopic Syphon With Tube - Extra Long
Extendable Telescopic Syphon With Tube - Extra Long
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  • Telescopic Syphon - Extends Up To 1.1 Metres From Trap To Elbow (Unextended/Storage Length 60cm)


  • Ideal For Larger And Deep Fermenters


  • Complete With Sediment Trap And Flow Control Clip


  • Comes With 1.2 Meters Of 5/16 Flexible Tubing


  • This is NOT an Autosyphon


Tony's Tips,,

useful for larger than average Fermenters, you can add a Bucket Clip and/or Syphon Tap. Remember though, this might look like an Auto Syphon, but it is, in fact, a "Sucking" Syphon . . . . . possibly, quite a Big Suck actually, especially if the Fermenter is a deep one, so it may result in Two Sucks being necessary! with the aid of the included Syphon Clamp, or additional Syphon Tap, to enable the tube to seal off between sucks, otherwise your initial big suck might be in vain as the liquid runs back into the Drink or worse still, the operator possibly ending up with a surprise, unplanned mouthful! . . . . Yuck! . . . . now, where to spit it? . . . . . not in the drink! . . . . so the floor is the obvious altrnative, but neither option is ideal, so my TIP: use the clamp, which requires only one hand, leaving the other hand to steady the tube. The additional Syphon Tap option, although smoother to operate, may require two hands, leaving the syphon to flail around wildly, as if with a mind of its own between sucks, but the option is yours, so buy the additionbal tap, try both . . . . then suck it and see!

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