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1 Gallon (5 Litre) Wine Dispenser / Bag In A Box

1 Gallon (5 Litre) Wine Dispenser / Bag In A Box
1 Gallon (5 Litre) Wine Dispenser / Bag In A Box
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  • Includes Box And Collapsible Inner Bag, Holds 5 Litres Of Wine ( Equivalent To 6 Bottles)
  • Suitable For Wine, Cider And Ale - (Ales Must Be Kept Cool To Avoid Fermentation Pressure Within The Bag)
  • Use Instead Of Bottles. Small Enough For Fridge Storage
  • The 5 Litre Box Has A Folding Interlocking Base And Front Panel Which Does Not Require The Use Of Tape.
  • Assembled Dimensions: W=16.5cm x H=16.5cm x D=27cm (including Tap).
  • Fill Through 30mm Hole, Remove Any Excess Air, Insert Dispensing Tap, The Bag Then Folds In On Itself With No Air Intake, So No Risk Of Oxidisation! Meaning Your Wine Stays Fresh To The Last Glass.
  • Food Safe - This Product Is Also Suitable For Storing and Dispensing All Non Carbonated Drinks Inc Water, Juices And Squash Etc


Tony's Tips

to re-use your bags avoid pushing the tap all the way in; 3 clicks-and you will need to be far stronger than me to get it out! 2 clicks will make a perfectly good seal.

The "BiB" (Bag In a Box) was invented in 1955 by William R. Scholle who was consequently inducted into the Packaging Hall of Fame in 1991 for his marvellous invention. Like me, he was surely puzzled as to why Glass Bottles are still generally used for wine storage instead of his new low cost and environmentally saving invention . . . . . Quality, Looks and Long term Storage I Guess . . . . . . .

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