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Thermostatic Immersion Heater

Thermostatic Immersion Heater
Thermostatic Immersion Heater
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  • Electrim 75 Fully Waterproof Immersion Heater - Suitable For Use With 1 Gallon Demijohns


  • Can Be Used In Most Fermentation Vessels By Making A 30mm Hole In The Lid (Sealed By Bung)


  • Economical - Versatile - Easy To Clean.


  • Factory Set To Maintain 24ºC But Can Be Adjusted - Comes With Full Instructions.



Tony’s Tips


User friendly, easy to clean and sterilise, universal use and may be handy for other non-homebrew related uses! One person I know uses the Thermostatic Immersion heater to keep his Tropical fish tank warm between 22-30C, be sure to sterilise it before immersing in the demijohn or fermenting vessel to avoid a fishy tainted beer or wine surprise! The other way round, not so important, the fish may even enjoy a little trace of alcohol to set their otherwise rather boring day off with a zing P . . . . . as a newts!



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