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Straight Nylon Bottle Brush

Straight Nylon Bottle Brush
Straight Nylon Bottle Brush
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  • Straight Nylon Bottle Brush.


  • 16 Inch - 40cm.



Tony’s Tips

Buy two!  . . . . yes . . . . these Straight Nylon Bottle brushes and all other Balliihoo brushes have the intrinsic benefit of being Left and Right Handed! made like this specially for those Ambidextrous Bottle Washers that abound in Bottling factories and indeed many Homebrew Closets! Just think of the time saved by being able to wash out 2 bottles at once! Better still, buy 4! if you are gifted with rarer Ambi-pedal ability!  Remember, as with all other "Useful" beer and wine making equipment, label the uses these items normally recieve to avoid unsavoury cross overs between Wine and Spent oil or Beer and Floor Cleaner!

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