Long Handled Nylon Barrel Brush

  • Long Handled Nylon Barrel Brush
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  • Long Handled Nylon Brush - Ideal For Cleaning Barrels.



  • 34 Inch - 85cm Long Reach Gets Right To The Bottom Of Your Barrel.



Tony’s Tips

Especially useful for the 2 inch diameter cap Beer Barrels without which, thorough cleaning is the preserve of someone with very small hands and long, thin forearms! I have several of these Long Handled Nylon Barrel Brushes for various uses from brewing to other unmentionable purposes! Please ensure like I do, that they are all well labelled and strictly used only for that particular purpose! even when sterilised thoroughly with Balliihoo's VinClasse Steriliser & Cleaner or VinClasse Sodium Metabisulphite. A worthy partner is the Cranked Handle Brush easily bent further to get at the uppermost normally inaccessible parts of your Barrel. These, as well as all the other brushes supplied by Balliihoo come left or right handed!  ;-)



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