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Hand Corker

Hand Corker
Hand Corker
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  • Simple To Use - Hand Corking Tool



  • For Inserting Standard Straight Corks Into Wine Bottles



Tony’s Tips

This tool is a real “Corker”!  You only need one hand, a little pressure in the right place and a straight “Colmated” Cork.  Colmated corks by the way, are natural corks which have their “Lenticels” (Pores) sealed with Cork Dust made from Rectified Natural Corks. This feature, it’s said by corking experts, enhances the Visual Aspect and improves your Corking Performance, so with an easy but firm action, the operative (You) can gently push the Cork into the expectantly awaiting hole, like a real Pro. without Lubrication other than a little water perhaps . . . . Satisfaction guaranteed every time!

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