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Crushed Cara Malt - 3kg

Crushed Cara Malt - 3kg
Crushed Cara Malt - 3kg
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  • British Cara Malt 3kg Pack For Use In All Grain Brewing



  • This Is The Palest Of All The Crystal Variety Malts



  • Ideal For When A Crystal Character Is Required Without Unduly Darkening The Beer.



  • Suitable For Pale Ales And Bitters


Tony’s Tips

Add Crushed Cara Malt at the initial stage of boiling the water before mixing with the other ingredients, Malt Extract, Brewing Sugar, Beer Enhancer and Hops etc. For best results heat 3-4 Litres of water in a large 15 Litre saucepan and steep the Crushed Cara Malt at 60C - 70C for 30 mins. to release the sugars, drain off the liquid and boil for a minute or two with the other ingredients,  then simmer for 5-25 mins. according to the Recipe. Next, using a sieve or strainer pour the wort into the fermenter ready to add cold water before pitching the Yeast. Take notes on usage to recreate the same excellent results (or to avoid a similar bad result!) Available in 2kg or 500g packs.



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