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Carboy Handle

Carboy Handle
Carboy Handle
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  • For Use With 23 Litre Glass Carboy.



  • Inner Diameter 49mm.



  • Makes Lifting & Carrying Carboys Easier & Safer.



Tony’s Tips

Don’t even think about it! Try picking up a full, or even empty, slippery, breakable, glass Carboy even with rubber gloves on and you’ll see what I mean! The handle is more than a convenient, easy and safer way to lift or move your Carboy it is Bl . . .  y Essential! This Handle can also be used for a variety of other uses from carrying your Snooker Cue or Blunderbuss to swigging your “Yard of Ale” (although, I’m not sure about that suggestion and I don't intend to try it out!) any other ideas? Let me know.

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