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11 Litre Glass Carboy Fermenter

11 Litre Glass Carboy Fermenter
11 Litre Glass Carboy Fermenter
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  • 11 Litre (Approx 2.4 UK Gallons) Fermentation Vessel



  • Ideal For Brewing And Storing Those Larger Batches



  • Made From Strong Clear Glass For Easier Monitoring Of Your Brew Or Wine



  • Hole Diameter 31mm. Correct Fitting Rubber Caps & Venting Caps Which Sit Over The Top of The Neck (Diameter 55mm) Are Available. (See Our Other Listings)



  • Total Height 41.5cm, Diameter 24cm



Tony’s Tips

This wonderful glass vessel is a “work in progress window” for larger batches of wine, and better managed than 3 x I gallon Demijohns!  It’s good to see clearly what’s going on in the fermentation stage and its more mouth watering to view the contents through the clear glass when imagining the pleasure of the finished brew than offered by the alternative plastic bucket! Don’t forget to obtain the absolutely essential lifting handle for safe movement and carrying. Other uses could include an Occasional lamp holder, filled with coloured water, it looks amazing on a deep window sill reflecting light into the room.


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