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Wine And Beer Makers Year Book - By Roy Ekins

Wine And Beer Makers Year Book -  By Roy Ekins
Wine And Beer Makers Year Book - By Roy Ekins
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  • 139 Page Paperback.


  • 75 Recipes For Homemade Beer & Wine Using Seasonal Ingredients.


  • Roy Ekins has been a prominent wine and beer maker for 35 years and also a member of the National Guild Of Beer And Wine Judges since 1973. He has lectured about commercial and home-made wine and beer for many years and has written prolifically about the hobby, regularly since 1976.


  • This Book Has Some Very Good Techniques For Both Wine & Beer Making, Covering Equipment & How To Use It, Fermentation, Additives & Sterilising. Full Of Good Practices And Then Lots of Very Good Recipes (Mostly Wine), Each Of Which Is Explained In Depth.


  • There Are Some Very Interesting & Unusual Recipes Such As Coconut, Lychee Or Medlar As Well As All The Old Favourites Like Blackberry, Elderberry Or Damson.


Tony's Tips,

It's hard to get it all right, all the time! . . . . So, a knowledgeable "on-Hand Assistant" like Roy Ekins' Book "Wine & Beer Maker's Year" is essential for instant help, advice and interesting tips, as you need them, without wearing your fingers to the bone, typing  endless questions into Google, and then, attempting to separate the good info. from the nonsense, while you juggle your homebrewing equipment and ingredients in ever-increasing panic as you realise that its not as easy as it said on the Tin!

Tip 2:Keep this book with your Brewing Equipment so it doesn't get "borrowed" along with your first edition copy of Jeff Kinney's "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" or worse still David Walliam's "Gangsta Granny"!


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