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Simply 1.8kg - Lager

Simply 1.8kg - Lager
Simply 1.8kg - Lager
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  • 1.8Kg Kit, Makes 40 Pints of Quality Lager, Full instructions included.
  • A Full Golden Crisp Lager, Light And Refreshing With Honey Notes And A Lingering Bitter Sweet Finish.
  • Ready to drink in around 14 days.
  • Requires 1Kg of Brewing Sugar or Beer Kit Enhancer.
  • Full Golden Crisp Lager, Light And Refreshing With Honey Notes And A Lingering Bittersweet Finish.

Tony's Tips 

I guess I'm old fashioned, these new fangled plastic cartons just give me the impression that the contents may in some way be second rate . . . . this however, is definitely not so, I now agree this is the new and better way to provide truly high quality beer, lager or whatever at a lower cost environmentally and in the pocket. The Cold Fill System employed with this  packaging as opposed to the Hot Fill method, as used in Canning, better preserves the natural taste of the Brew . . . . . quite noticeable, in the mouth, on the tongue and in the ultimate enjoyment! The cost saving in Packaging (about two thirds) results in higher quality ingredients being used whilst costing less to you and me, the happy consumer.  So cut your Pack open, pour into your Fermenter, add Water, Sugar and Yeast, leave to ferment, then bottle or Barrel. After a few days, taste the supreme quality, Smile, Try some more, Relax, Try  a little more, fall over . . . . . . get up, and do the same again as soon as possible!


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