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Coopers 86 Day Pilsner

Coopers 86 Day Pilsner
Coopers 86 Day Pilsner
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  • 1.7Kg Kit, Makes 40 Pints of Quality Pilsener, Full instructions included.


  • A Subtle malty sweetness, elegant refined herbal notes, refreshingly bitter finish with a rich frothy head.


  • Recommended Sugar Required, 1Kg Brewing Sugar Or 1Kg Light Spraymalt.


  • Ready In 14 Days, Flavour improves over 3 Months



Tony’s Tips

The origins of this Pilsener date back to 1862 when the Brewery was founded, the legacy left for future Cooper generations ensures adherence to the time honoured Master Brewing skills developed and honed to perfection  to produce high quality brews in the original style. "Who can drink it and when?" ask Coopers . . . . the obvious answer is,  anyone, with any food (perhaps not Kippers and Custard! . . . but, then,  to each, his own!)



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