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Pressure Barrel Seal Grease - 45ml

Pressure Barrel Seal Grease - 45ml
Pressure Barrel Seal Grease - 45ml
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  • Food Safe Silicon Based Grease With P.T.F.E
  • Recommended For Lubricating The Cap Seals On Pressure Barrels.
  • Safe To Use On Any Other Equipment Where Lubricant May Come In Contact With Drink.


Tony's Tips

Beats using Petroleum Jelly! No more searching around the Bathroom or even Worse, the Bedroom Cupboards for a Hopefully, Unopened Jar of Vaseline! Just pop this Silicon Based Barrel Seal Grease into your Personal Homebrew Cupboard of Bits and Pieces and as long as you Keep Quiet about it, you'll never have to search in those Dark, Dubious and Dangerous places ever again.

As we Homebrewers all know, a good Seal is essential to keep Pressure in and prevent leakages and is paramount to successful Brewing. This Silicon based Grease is Non Harmful, Non-Toxic and may be used to Lubricate other things - including Rubber Items without any Detrimental Effect so keep it locked away! PTFE is Polytetrafluoroethylene, for short, otherwise, it's a bit of a Mouthful! It is a Silicon Based Compound and is Safe with Foodstuffs and Consumable Liquids.

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