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2" Pressure Barrel Vent Cap

2" Pressure Barrel Vent Cap
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  • Standard 2" Vent Cap To Fit Balliihoo Pressure Barrels & All Other Barrels With 2" Openings (Not Suitable For King Keg)
  • Has A Small Rubber Valve On The Central Lug Which Will Lift To Release Any Excess Pressure Build Up


Tonys Tips

The Standard 2 Pressure Barrel Vent Cap is just as it states. Use specially formulated, Pressure Barrel Seal Grease available from Balliihoo to ensure a good airtight seal with no fear of Contaminating the brew. (not the familys jar of Vaseline in the Bathroom Cupboard!) and it will last many brews. Keep a few spare 'O' rings to ensure there is always a good seal between Cap and Barrel and replace them every 3-4 brews to ensure ongoing success.

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