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Flaked Barley - 500g Pack

Flaked Barley - 500g Pack
Flaked Barley - 500g Pack
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  • For Use In Partial Mash And All Grain Brewing



  • Used Mainly In Dark Beer And Stout Recipes



  • Imparts A Grainy Flavour



  • Can Cause Haze When Used In Pale Beers


Tony's Tips

Flaked Barley is unmalted grain that's been processed through heated rollers to extract  Gelatinised Starches and so negating the need to boil prior to mashing. The resulting beer will have a wonderfully smooth, grainy finish and good head retention . . . . add about 100g - 400g per 5 gallons, any more may cause a haze that is more noticeable in lighter ales.




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