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8cm / 3" Plastic Funnel

8cm / 3
8cm / 3" Plastic Funnel
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  • 8cm / 3" Plastic Funnel.



  • Made From Food Grade Plastic.



  • Spout External Diameter At Tip 10mm



  • Ideal For Adding Priming Sugar To Beer Bottles




Tony’s Tips

Funnels are useful for many things when inverted! such as a Watercress Incubator or Window Sill Herb Garden, Flowerpot Seedling Protector/Mini Greenhouse, or non-inverted . . . .Trumpet Sound Suppressor for Practice at Home or for Topping up Car Engine Oil, effective Muzzle (with improvised elastic strap) for your Unruly Toy Poodle, or the 8cm version a smaller Muzzle for your angry Ferret, then there's the larger 18cm version for your Rottweiler/Pitbull Mix Four Legged Fiend! So as usual, with multi-use Homebrew Equipment, hide it away! Or it won’t be there when you need it for its prime purpose i.e. filling bottles with Homebrew! Three sizes available: Toy Poodle size 14cm, Ferret size 8cm, Rottweiler/Pitbull size 18cm!


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