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6 Bottle Wine Making Equipment Kit With Chardonnay

6 Bottle Wine Making Equipment Kit With Chardonnay
6 Bottle Wine Making Equipment Kit With Chardonnay
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  • All The Basic Equipment Needed To Start Making 6 Bottle Wine Kits. Includes A Better Brew Chardonnay Style Ingredient Kit With Full Instructions.
  • The Kit Includes 2 x 5 Litre Opaque Fermenting Buckets With Graduation Marks & Temperature Strips - 2 Lids, One Of Which Has A Grommet & Airlock - 1.25m Syphon Tube.
  • Long Handled Plastic Spoon - Plastic Measuring Jug & 2 Funnels - VinClasse Cleaner Steriliser - Hydrometer & Trial Jar.
  • VinClasse Wine Ingredient Kits Are Made From Quality Grape Concentrates And Comes With All The Required Additives As Well As Full Step By Step Instructions. So That In Around 7 to 10 Days You Can Create A Wine Of Impressive Bouquet, Flavour & Structure. Chardonnay Is A  Sensational White Wine Grape. Straw To Pale Gold In Colour With A Smooth & Dry Lingering Finish.
  • Once Your Wine Has Finished Fermenting You Will Require Bottles, Corks & Corker Or 5Litre Bag In Box (Not Included) But Also Available From "Balliihoo Homebrew" Alternatively Keep Back & Re Use Your Old Screw Cap Wine Bottles.


Tony's Tips

Great as a gift and even greater as a bit of Selfish Personal Indulgence, this is definitely the way to produce low cost but staggeringly High Quality Wine of the Chardonnay Semillon variety, offering great taste, great value and lots of it! No matter what the occasion, mastery of the techniques of fine Wine making can be gained with ease by anyone who has a thirst for quality wine at low cost (just about Anybody and Everybody then!) Tip: Get the Book "First Steps in Winemaking" by C.J.J.Berry, available on this Balliihoo website, there is nothing to stop experimentation with mixing or adding extra ingredients to further enhance  the wine character. Let me know your findings!

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